Rebuild of Minelantis

_Steven_MC_ LDR posted Apr 13, 16

Good day everyone,

I like to announce that we Opened Survival!

This Survival is Semi-Vanilla based. that means that we try to push it in the direction like Single player mode.
In Global lines we try to let the player make the game.

What the player can do here!
Gathering resources and sell it for resources to other players.
Group up and create city's, Maybe even a automatic Red-stone player shop?
There are some limited store's available, but we don't use a money based Eco system.
Our Eco exist out of resources only, like: Diamonds Gold Emerald Iron etc.
The players can claim there own lands! Like most common just with a golden shovel. They start with 200 Claim blocks.
And they have the option to buy more claim blocks for XP Levels they have farmed.

What do we Offer?
We have a couple of Ranks players can get from voting for example: Recruit, Member, Elder.
Recruit comes with 5 Votes and they receive the Recruit tag and access to the basic warps in the game.
Member gives all the perks of Recruit and gives you access to the enchantment room and comes with 20 votes.
Elder is a higher tier Vote Rank and gives you everything listed above as well the high tier warps and End Portal access (Comes with: 80 Votes).
We have 5 Votes sites that means max 5 votes per day.

Most of the Survival Servers start pushing the server more towards a creative Easy to get game mode.
In my opinion it will break the intention of survival minecraft. We allow PVP, but not griefing.
We want to push this forward to how minecraft was intent to be. Play together, Start your empire, Explorer, and Survive the nights.
Some players have resources what others don't have. we like to see a well balanced trading system and promote this where we can.
But for most of the stuff like Single-player, The players need to do the most things them self instead of 3rd Party's help.

We Love to see All the new faces joining in. and we are really looking forward to the game play we have created.
If you like to join!
Here is the IP:
If you like the community and want to be part of it?
Here is the website:

C ya There.

~ Steven